BFF + Whales = LUV

You know those Best Friends necklaces you shared with your BFF (and if you were like me, fought over who got the "Be Fri" and "st ends" side)? Well, those are pretty sweet and all, but they're a tad bit... girly, right? Friendships aren't always all "hearts." There are arguments, disagreements and the occasional fight, so that's why I love artist Mary Beth Heishman's take on this iconic jewelry piece -- she uses everyone's favorite marine mammal, the whale (pictured, $40)!

Each whale measures two inches long each and hangs from a 16-inch chain (they can be lengthened or shortened on request). There are different versions of these cetacean pieces, including bracelets and one in français.

(Now if these were only around 10 years ago, I would never have ended up with the "st ends" side -- clearly the inferior of the two!)