Candylicious Beauty Products

My dentist doesn't love me for my winning personality; it's more because I pay him money to fill little decayed holes in my molars. So I'm doing the next best thing to brushing and flossing -- I'm giving up candy (at least for another 17 days). Until Halloweenie comes, I plan to feed my sugar addiction with these fun candy-themed beauty products.

Mega Lip Balm Set ($19, pictured). Six oversized lip balms in classic candy flavors like Jolly Rancher, Twizzlers and Bubble Yum. Kind of irresistible.

Fun Dip Candy Scented Nail Polish Set ($18). Ohemgee. Fun Dip was my favorite candy as a kid. I mean, dipping a stick of sugar into a pile of sugar? It's a dangerously delicious combo. This set of six scented nail polishes will keep my teeth clean, while giving me a pretty manicure.

Skittles Lip Smackers ($4.50). This trio of Skittles-flavored Lip Smackers is a deal. I prefer the original flavors, but check out the entire assortment and... TASTE THE RAINBOW.

Nerds Candy Scented Bath Set ($10). Crunchy, fruity sugar crystals. Yum! This bath set contains two bubble baths, two body washes and one Nerds body lotion.