Does Reality TV Create Drama?

New findings from the Girl Scout Research Institute indicate that girls who watch reality TV are more likely to believe that gossip is a natural part of girls' friendships, to buy into the idea that girls have to compete for guys, and to put more value on their appearance than girls who don't watch. There's also evidence, however, that reality TV-viewing girls aspire to leadership more often and have a raised awareness of social issues.

We tend to watch a lot of reality TV (it's fun!), but it's always good to recognize the inspirational aspects versus just straight drama that's entertaining to watch but would not translate well to real-life behavior (we're looking at every single one of the Real Housewives of NYC).

So just remember to be encouraged by Rachel Zoe's ambition, buoyed by Chelsea Settles' courage (that's her in the pic) and inspired by the healthy changes you see on I Used to Be Fat. Oh, and try to ignore the Real World casts -- it was all down hill after San Francisco in 1994.