Musical Healing: Emotional Bag Check

Emotional baggage gets a bad rap. Without it, some of the most passionate, interesting works of art and literature would never have been created. I mean, what would Taylor Swift write her songs about if Joe Jonas hadn't dumped her? And without emotional baggage, the awesome new website Emotional Bag Check wouldn't exist. The site is "secretly a music site," where you can either "check" your baggage or "claim" it. If you're feeling like you need to unload, you anonymously write about your woes and a kind soul will send you an appropriate song to alleviate your worries. Or if you just want to lend your services, you can read others' issues and send them a tune to help them get through the pain.

So, all hail the healing power of music, and raise a glass for the broken hearts, various forms of neurosis and the occasional meltdown. There's nothing that a good song won't get us through.