Posts Of Halloween Past...

Over the years, I Heart Daily has written a lot on Halloween, because: 1) We love any excuse to write about candy and 2) How great is a holiday that allows you to dress up like a chipmunk/goblin/Care Bear? So let's take a look at our spooky past -- here are our five favorite posts about Halloween! ♥ A Ghoulish Music Mix. This eclectic mix of music from artists like Michael Jackson, The Ramones and The White Stripes is the perfect pre-going out soundtrack for tonight.

♥ Why We Carve Pumpkins. Ever wonder why pumpkins? I mean, why not cantaloupes, right? We explain the answer in this post!

♥ God Bless George Renninger! We take a lot of wonderful inventions for granted: Velcro, post-its... candy corn. Learn about the man who brought us those delicious kernels of tri-colored confection.

♥ Bat Your Lashes. If you want to wear just a *smidgen* of Halloween spirit, don a pair of these crazy false eyelashes. They're subtle so they don't scream "Costume!", but they pack enough oomph for a statement.

♥ Sweet Charity. Here's a nice idea: instead of hoarding your bags of candy, send your leftovers to our troops overseas -- sweets are one of their most requested items!