Baggu: Eco-Chic Bags

Can we talk about how Baggu has really stepped up their game? They used to be just a stand-in for plastic bags at the store that made me feel good about saving the planet, but now they're like... bags I covet. Check it out:  The Daypack ($24, pictured). Just reach into your jeans pocket and unfold... an entire backpack! Also, this comes in an elephant pattern, which is obviously irresistible.

 The Duck Tote ($22). An everyday tote with a shoulder strap can carry nearly anything you stuff in it. And the bucket silhouette is cool too.

 Leather Bags ($120). Pricey but so chic: The classic save-the-planet shape, in soft natural leather.

 Baby Baggu ($6). A smaller version of the original. Think of it as your eco-friendly lunch sack.

 Zipper Bags ($8 for a set of 3). All those items like lip gloss, keys and pens that you have to dig for at the bottom of your bag now have neat, colorful homes.