Cover Girl's Lip Slicks!

There are some tried and true products that never go away and always come through in a pinch. Things like Nivea hand cream and Aquafor are oldies but goodies, and just recently I rediscovered Cover Girl's Lip Slicks lip gloss! I remember applying these to my pucker at slumber parties like I was the most sophisticated woman alive. As a lip gloss junkie, I've tried about a million different kinds, and I have to say that for the price of $4, you can't beat Lip Slicks moisturizing formula with a hint of color. For whatever reason, my favorite shade was Bronze Goddess -- it gave just the right amount of golden sheen. And now that winter is upon us, I'm going to be using this to remember those sun-kissed days of yestermonths.

I also have a memory of smearing a miniature Mr. Goodbar across my lips and calling it "Hint Of Mr. Goodbar." Oh, to be young and not afraid of a little beauty experimentation.