GoYoung: Change the World, Now

Three Belgian students -- Victoria, Gaëlle and Pauline (pictured) -- are traveling the world right now to shoot a documentary on social entrepreneurs under 30. Their goal is to inspire youth all over the world and show that projects with social goals can also be sustainable and profitable. They're calling their venture GoYoung, and they've already talked to our friends at She's the First (an organization that helps girls around the world get an education -- watch that video here). We suspect they'll be in touch with other people we heart, like Lovetta Conto (who makes jewelry out of bullets from her native Liberia to help children who need a safe home) and Shannon McNamara (whose SHARE is building libraries in Tanzania).

Know about a project they should cover in the documentary? Talk to them on twitter, or find them on Facebook and tumblr. Then get ready to get inspired.