Love Your Body More

We've noticed that lots of our favorite Cool Girls (like Emily-Anne Rigal of WeStopHate and Julie Zeilinger of the f bomb, for example), are contributing to a new site called Proud2Bme. It's a project from the National Eating Disorders Association that promotes healthy body attitudes and positive relationships with food and weight. Here's some of our favorite content so far: This video was made by college students, and it deftly presents the pressure that they feel to be perfect and thin, plus the issue of media images of women vs. reality.

The site also addresses the false stereotype that only rich white girls struggle with body image issues and eating disorders. Not true. Read this post from Lisa Lee and Lynn Chen, founders of Thick Dumpling Skin (a blog that raises awareness about body issues in Asian American communities) where they interview each other about the issues they grew up with. And check out this interview with Stephanie Covington Armstrong, author of Not All Black Girls Know How to Eat.

You can also hear strong voices from a group of teens from the Boulder Youth Body Alliance who went to Capitol Hill to advocate for better eating disorder prevention and treatment.

See? Cool site.