OPI's The Muppet Collection

Sometimes things in the universe align just right and awesomeness happens. For instance: to celebrate the new Muppets movie, OPI and Disney have combined forces to create The Muppet Collection: six reds and neutrals, and six glittery polishes that make me want to scream wocka wocka wocka! Dedicated to Kermit and his (tempermental) sweetheart Miss Piggy, there's Fresh Frog of Bel Air and Divine Swine. My favorite is Rainbow Connection, which not only is a killer song, but is now also a killer multi-colored sparkle explosion. And don't forget about Gonzo and his bevy of chickens with Gone Gonzo, a glittery aquamarine. Each bottle costs $8.50 (though, hint: with some Internet know-how, you can find them for cheaper).

The Muppets opens on November 23, and I plan on wearing the very fall-ish Warm & Fozzie to the theaters. When I was a kid, I had a crush on Kermit. I don't know why I just admitted that to the general public, but I hope Miss Piggy doesn't come out of nowhere and karate chop me.