Rising Star: Ana Golja

Did you guys know they made a mini-series of Clue, the board game that inspired an amazing movie in 1985 (seriously, see it if you haven't)? The show aired last week on The Hub, but it's being rebroadcast over the weekend, and I am geekily excited. We talked to Ana Golja, 15, who starred as "Liz" in Clue (she has, ahem, Scarlett hair in the show). Here's more from Ana:

I Heart Daily: How did you know you wanted to go into acting? Ana Golja: The first time I was on stage, I was 5, and I LOVED the music, the audience, the fact that everyone was so happy and clapping, and the whole experience! I knew right then, that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.

IHD: You've done theater, film and television--what's your favorite? AG: I can't choose because they all have something different to offer. For me, it's always the storyline and character that matter, not the venue. I hope to have the opportunity to do all of them, all my life.

IHD: You play Liz in Clue--were you a fan of the board game? AG: I loved the board game and it's funny because when I played, I chose Scarlett! My character is based on Miss Scarlett. [Ed note: Miss Scarlett is the best!]

IHD: What's the most fun you've ever had on an acting job? AG: The most fun I've had was on the set of Clue. It's because I got to work with great friends, and film on amazing locations!

IHD: The question we always ask: What are you hearting right now? AG: I'm really hearting the "glitter and bow" trend in fashion!