Rising Star: Glee's Titus Makin, Jr.

Do you guys know Titus Makin, Jr.? He acts, he sings, he dances, and he has a pretty awesome name (quadruple threat). You may have seen him as David on Glee and he has a new TV movie, Game of Your Life, that premieres on NBC this Friday night at 8pm for Family Movie Night. It involves video games, betrayal and socially awkward friendships (hello, winning combo). We talked to Titus about the movie, the Glee cast and what he loves about Adele:

I Heart Daily: So what's the cast of Glee really like? Titus Makin, Jr: Every cast member is so personable and talented. It's inspiring to see people be so joyful and humble while working an unheard of amount of hours. The crew and cast make a huge effort to have every scene and musical number perfected, so the 12-hour days are absolutely necessary. They are tiring, but definitely worth it.

IHD: How did you know you wanted to be a performer? TMJ: I was always imitating what I saw on TV, and slowly began to realize how much joy it brought me to make people laugh.

IHD: Tell us about your role in Game of Your Life. TMJ: I play Zach Taylor. He is the quiet, bottled [up], sheltered character. Upon being accepted into D.I.G.D (a prestigious gaming design school) he gets the chance to learn difficult lessons and make mature choices. Zach really displays the importance of loyalty in friendships, and the love and support of family.

IHD: Are you a big gamer in real life? TMJ: I'm not, but when I do find myself playing a game I usually get hooked into it for about a week. I have a new respect for gamers after filming -- I never realized how many years of work go into creating one game, and how one small kink in a gaming code can throw off the playability of an entire game.

IHD: The question we always ask: What are you hearting right now? TMJ: I've recently grown an unfailing love for Adele's new album. I really appreciate great lyrics and a soulful voice -- she happens to knock both of those out of the park. I am always hearting God! My dreams wouldn't be coming true if it weren't for God, and the wonderful family and entertainment team I was blessed with... I am extremely thankful.

Aw. So cute, right?