WeTopia: Play For Good

Sorry to potentially insult anyone, but for a time, whenever I saw people playing Farmville on Facebook, I wanted to throw my hands in the air and scream: "WHY???"  I just never got the appeal of planting and harvesting virtual plants and vegetables... until now. WeTopia is a brand new online game by Sojo Studios with the tagline, "Play For Good." Most of time when you're "gaming," there's no tangible benefit to your time spent, besides avoiding real-life things like homework. However, WeTopia is a philanthropic game. How? Well, you pass through each level by collecting currency called "joy," and when you complete the stage, you get to choose what charity to give it to -- and that translates into real dollars for organizations that donate to food, healthcare or education needs around the world! Pretty cool.

What is doubly cool (besides the parrot who acts as your guide around WeTopia), is that you can track the progress of these projects on a day-to-day basis, so you can actually see the difference you're making.

So far, I've helped feed the hungry in Haiti, just by harvesting some fake carrots. You should, too.