3 Ways To Wear Plaid

I used to wear plaid flannel like it was my job. Sometimes it was a light jacket that I wore over my Lollapalooza '94 shirt, and sometimes I tied it around my waist like a casual accessory that said: "Yeah, I know my pants are too big." Lucky for me, flannel-inspired looks for the ladies are trending hard this season, so I can relive those years without sacrificing the style lessons I've learned since then. Here are three variations of The Flannel to mixup your steez.

Ladylike (Check Shirt, Zara, $49.90, pictured). Feel less Courtney and more Jackie in this slim fit shirt. Its dainty collar and three-quarter length sleeves makes this lumberjack print buttonup look quite prim.

"The 1994" (Ecote Seattle Shirt, Urban Outfitters, $29, sale). Like its name suggests, this shirt evokes the spirit of grunge in the city that started it all, Seattle. This is the next best thing to borrowing your dad's flannel; the baggy cut shirt has a loose fit that will look authentic over your Temple of the Dog shirt.

Fancy (Daria Plaid Blouse, Nasty Gal, $38). This sheer blouse takes utilitarian flannel into date-worthy wear. With its delicate material and sweet shape, this is a plaid that makes the girly list.