Buy a Color, Save a Life

Shelley Tibbetts has been helping out as a member of Team I Heart Daily this fall, along with her work as the Digital Engagement Officer for Girls Who Rock (she's a social media maven, all over Twitter and Tumblr). We're happy to present her first guest post, which is about how owning rainbows can help the world (I know, right? Cool.): "Did you know the average computer, smart phone and tablet can display 16.7 million colors? These millions of colors are making a difference in the world with, an initiative recently launched by Unicef UK and Dulux Paint Company.

"Once you select the color you would like to ‘own’ or gift to someone, you can name the color, explain why you chose it, describe it in one word and then use your social networks to spread word of how you helped to save a child’s life and encourage your friends to do the same. The campaign suggests a minimum donation of £1 ($1.66 US) per color, which will buy enough polio vaccines to immunize ten children in the developing world.

"The movement’s mission is 'adding Colour to People’s Lives’ and what better time to do that than during a season that is all about being merry and bright? I participated in the fundraiser by gifting my sister the shades of teal and magenta that are the official colors of She’s the First, a non-profit she founded that educates girls in the developing world. Get creative, skip holiday cards this year and make a difference by choosing a color to give to those on your list.  It’s a small act that makes a big difference!"