Cool Sneakers That Give Back

I always wanted to be the person who could make my canvas shoes into works of art. Sadly, if I tried to draw on them, they just appeared stained. BucketFeet shoes look like what would happen if you let the best doodler at your school go to town on your sneakers for a few days. Awesome. The bonus is that artist Aaron Firestein founded the company after spending time volunteering with impoverished children in Buenos Aires. There he met his Raaja Nemani, and the two kept in touch. Back in the States, they decided to make BucketFeet a thing, and they partnered with Magic (bringing music education to underprivileged kids in Chicago), love.fútbol (building safe soccer fields around the world) and Children Mending Hearts (creating healing workshops and art programs for homeless children). That means that whenever you buy a pair of BucketFeet shoes, a portion of the proceeds go to help these programs do what they do. "Like" BucketFeet on Facebook to keep up with all the do-goodery!

In summary: You can get some of the best artists around to draw on your kicks, and you'll be helping the world at the same time. It's feel-good city.