DIY Holiday Tree!

DIY tree

Christmas trees have pluses and minuses. They smell good and are very festive, yes, but they also drop needles all over the floor. And they can be pricey. And cats attack them and break the ornaments (it happens). Plus, it's hard to have one in, say, a dorm. That's why we love CB2's idea to DIY a Christmas tree out of simple lights and a few ornaments. They have a step-by-step guide on their blog, so check it out. This is perfect for a dorm room or even your own bedroom at home, just for extra holiday cheer.

We know not everyone celebrates Christmas, but we can all get behind a glowing bit of cheer. You can create this tree for any holiday (Valentine's Pine, anyone?). CB2 recommends lightweight ornaments, so we suggest these comic books ornaments or these paper mache balls -- there are tons of fun options.

Merry, merry!