Get on the Edge Of Urge

Who loves original, hand-crafted, AFFORDABLE jewelry? I do! These Indiana Bones earrings ($22) are made by the loving hands of Jessie Williams, the brain behind the online store Edge of Urge. Launched 10 years ago, Edge of Urge is like a cooler, more indie version of Urban Outfitters, and EoU also sells its own original items (like this I Believe In Humans unicorn tank).

And if you're into the whole feather trend, Edge of Urge has a whole category dedicated to making your own feathered, customized creation at the Feather Bar. It's pretttttty neat-o.

EoU suggests wearing the Indiana Bones earring "solo style" or balancing the other side with your own feathered piece. Do what you will with that idea -- may the force be with you.