Go Gaga For These Nails!

I heard a rumor Lady Gaga is jealous of Santa. Why? For starters, she wishes she had a team of elves building toys, and let's not get into how she offered him a LOT of money for his flying reindeer. To quell her envy, she's taken over Barney's for the holidays with her Gaga Workshop, featuring limited-edition items from the Lady of Weird herself. Though the items can run pretty pricey (a crystal-encrusted Swaroski Tea Cup will cost you $695), among Gaga's more affordable pieces are her nail art. And you know how we feel about nail art... LOVE!

She's collaborated with Namoi Yasuda, her personal nail artist, and the beauty brand Kiss to create these very Gaga manicures. These Geometric Black With Metallic Rhinestones (pictured) will run you $45, but they're kind of worth it for all their industrial beauty. Besides adorning your nail beds, you can also get Born This Way Lip Gloss ($26), a pack of 10 Gaga-inspired temporary tattoos ($18), or Edge Of Glory Holographic Nail Laquer ($45).

There's lots of other stuff in Gaga's Workshop, including clothes, accessories and toys, so go on over to Barney's to check out all the Gaga loot.