Indie Crafter du Jour: Smiling Silversmith

I don't know what people really did to express their feelings before emoticons. I guess you could just say, "I'm sad." But why say that when you can just type, :( ? It's so much more powerful! This is why I love Angela's creations at Smiling Silversmith. "Creativity should always be merged with lighthearted humor that will cheer anyone’s heart," she says, and that sentiment shows through in her cheeky emoticon jewelry. This Winky Smiley Face ring ($39, pictured) is like wearing the ubiquitous "semi-colon/parenthesis" combo on your finger. So, instead of explaining something like, "Well, you see, I was just being coy and joshing with you," all you have to do is show someone your finger.

Don't miss her other creations, like the I Heart U ring ($49) and Happy Face ring ($49). Have a nice day! =)