RED Hearts: 2011 at a Glance

RED Hearts are guests posts on I Heart Daily from the authors of RED: Teenage girls in America write on what fires up their lives today. Today’s RED Hearts post is from Red editor Amy Goldwasser, who rounds up five favorite posts from 2011:

There was an awful lot to, uh, Occupy the minds of RED Hearts reporters in 2011. Here are five highlights from the authors of RED in a particularly headspinning high-low of a year: one loaded with responses to (and distractions from) the recession, investment lipstick to fanciful feathers, and perhaps even a cure for the common mean girl.

Tom Ford Lipstick in Violet Fatale (pictured). Charlotte Steinway made a convincing case for $48 lipstick -- in purple, even -- as a glamorously good investment. It's bold, decadent and just vampy enough for a New Year's Eve kiss with style.

Feather Accessories. Cammi Henao was a friend of the feather in February (as headband, earring, necklace, hair extension), and the trend still flies.

Community Banking. Zoe Mendelson offered an alternative to big, corporate-level international banks, the baddies of the Occupy Wall Street movement: Give credit where credit's due, and transfer your savings to a local credit union.

Q&A With Rachel Simmons of Odd Girl Out. Jordyn Turney interviewed the author and anti-bullying expert on how to find and keep healthy female friendships. Here's to making the mean girl extinct in 2012!

America 2049. Zulay Regalado found her futuristic self -- fighting for human rights -- in this Facebook-based alternative reality game with global reach. You can always start there and work back to 2012...


RED Hearts guest poster Amy Goldwasser is the editor of RED: Teenage girls in America write on what fires up their lives today, which is out in paperback.