Support YA Saves

Over the summer, there was a bit of a kerfuffle over a Wall Street Journal article about the potentially negative affects of the dark aspects of teen books. Immediately, twitter was aflutter with the hashtag #yasaves (just try not to be moved by those testimonials, pictured, which are a mere fraction of the tweets that emerged), and author Maureen Johnson led the swift and sound response, arguing that -- far from harming readers -- Young Adult books actually save.

We write about books a lot, and we are big into the idea that reading about all types of experiences creates empathy and understanding, and shines a light into the dark corners of what people are going through in real life.

If you agree, support YA Saves with this sweet tee. The $18 you spend goes to support Reading is Fundamental, an organization that wants all kids to have access to books and discover the joy of reading! Spread the love, people.