The Best Entertainment of 2011

What entertained us this year? Besides countless YouTube clips and reruns of America's Funniest Home Videos, here are five things that kept us engaged and amused over the course of 2011: Hear(t) It: Cults. The sweet retro sounds of Cults made them the indie sweethearts of 2011. They're still playing on repeat in the I Heart Daily office.

FutureMe. Put an electronic time capsule out into cyberspace with FutureMe. Write a letter to yourself, and have them send it to you at a future date of your choosing.

Rookie. Everyone's favorite teenage style blogger launched her own website for teenage girls. Here's to a future media mogul.

Emotional Bag Check. Whether you feel like venting or just want to lend a helping hand, this website uses songs as a means to emotional healing. Sometimes a song is all you need!

Best Books of 2011. RED Hearts correspondant Jordyn Turney gives her picks for the year's best YA books. You can bet these five are page turners.