The Best Style Finds All Year

Holy cow. This is our last post of 2011. Let me pause to shed a little tear of nostalgia. Sniff. OK. Done! Some things that made me cry tears of joy were all the wonderfully unique and creative style finds we featured this year. From art to jewelry to DIY projects, here are our top five!

Affordable Art. This (pictured) is hanging in my new apartment. It looks awesome. And I still had money left over to go to Taco Bell. SCORE.

Awesome DIYs. I made my friends bracelets by following Honestly WTF's stellar step-by-step instructions. Suffice it to say, I won some major popularity points.

Save a Tee. We all have those shirts: the ones we haven't worn for five years, yet still can't bear to throw away. That's when you donate that "I'm With Stupid" shirt to SAVED, and it gets a second chance.

BFF + Whales = LUV. Best Friend heart necklaces are cute; whale ones are better.

IKEA Flair. When you're young, you don't shop for a desk at Design Within Reach -- you head to IKEA. But to get rid that out-of-the-box look, give it your own personal stamp of style with these pretty vinyl stickers, made expressly for IKEA stuff.