A Museum of Buttons!

We at the I Heart Daily offices have a long-standing respect and love for pinback buttons, which can brighten up any old bag or shirt or shoe with the personality of its owner. They are mementos, statement pieces and markers of history. That's why we especially dig the Busy Beaver Button Museum. Did you know that pinback buttons were patented in 1896? The people at the Busy Beaver Button Museum told us that. They're busy categorizing and describing thousands of buttons so you can learn a little about the designs that interest you the most. If you've got a button you'd like to show them, just create an account and share its story (there are some wacky ones here, including a button that comes with enclosed lock of hair -- yikes).

Of course, our favorites are the "I Heart" buttons (pictured), but the Political designs are fascinating too, and the Social Lubricators are good for a little wearable comedy. Check out the whole museum and call it a virtual field trip!