Charity Swear Box: Bad Words, Good Deeds

Want to turn bad words into good deeds? Check out Charity Swear Box, a new website that tracks your twitter feed for potty-mouth moments. Once you sign up, they'll send you a monthly tally of how many times you swore, and you can pledge a certain amount per nasty word to charity. You're on the honor system -- they just send you a suggested donation -- and you can pick the charity you want to give to from a list of options on the site, including Beat Bullying, a UK organization that we like because they actually work with bullies to change their attitudes and give them a sense of responsibility for their actions.

Get started today, and be sure to check out CSB's swear dictionary, because some words are a little questionable (personally, I would let "boobs" and "wank" slide). Still, it's all for charity, so let your language be as colorful as you like. Follow us on twitter and see how we do, too.