Guest Review: Choker by Elizabeth Woods

The winner of the Figment & I Heart Daily Books of 2011 review contest is... Jasmine Bailey! She will receive a brand-new Kindle Touch loaded with 10 of the best books of 2011. For her entry, Jasmine reviewed Choker, by Elizabeth Woods. Check out what won her first place: Boom-ba-boom-ba-boom-ba-boom.

That's the sound of your heart racing while reading Choker by Elizabeth Woods.

Cara Lange is your typical seventeen-year-old girl. Though she's awkward, quiet and deemed a loner, Cara has accepted the fact that she will, forever, be just another face in the crowd. After an incident at lunch occurs and a humiliating nickname follows, Cara just wants to fade away completely. But everything changes when Zoe, the strange best friend from Cara's childhood, appears in her bedroom unexpectedly on the run from home. At first, Cara couldn't be happier to see her her old friend. Cara gains new confidence and she's getting invited to parties and actually talking to the guy of her dreams, Luke. Despite the fact that she's hiding a fugitive in her bedroom, everything is finally going good for Cara.

Hhh. Hhhh.

That's your breath as you gasp for air.

But things take a turn for the worst. First it's the mysterious death of Sydney, one of Cara's bullies. Then it's the disappearance of Alexis, Luke's girlfriend and Cara's tormentor. With the whole town anxiously searching for Alexis, Cara's fear of people finding her secret friend is building. Meanwhile, Zoe is starting to act strange and Cara wonders who her "best friend" really is.

Thump. Shhh. Scritch.

Those are the noises in the night that will keep you awake after you finish this chilling tale.

An eerie plot laced with flirtation, drama, danger and mystery, Choker will keep you edge throughout the story and then throw you completely over that edge when you read the final pages. Woods mixes just the right amount of friendship, humor, mean girls and terror that makes this book a delicious must-read for any teen with a love for mystery and even romance.

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