Q&A: Alexander Newton. Swoon.

Alexander Newton, 19, stars in the upcoming spring film Justice/ Vengeance (originally titled Iron Cross, for which he won Best Young Actor at the Boston Film Festival). Alexander says the film is "one of the nails in the coffin of racism." He's also a musician, a ping pong player and a fan of I Heart Daily. Oh, and he's adorable. Naturally, we're smitten. And we got to talk to him. Listen in:

I Heart Daily: Was acting a lifelong dream? Alexander Newton: I got into acting at the age of three when my Dad was making a TV show presented by kids. My dad cast my friend and me as the main presenters and it really opened the door for me to being a professional. It was super fun, and for my efforts I was paid with a musical toy.

IHD: Tell us about Justice/Vengeance and your role in the film. AN: I had huge shoes to fill. Playing the same character as two-time Oscar nominee Roy Scheider was an honour, and I pray that my performance made him proud. Joseph (the character we played) is a romantic, a lover, a fighter, a family man, and totally obsessed with avenging the murder of his family and girlfriend.

IHD: You're also a musician. What's your latest project? AN: I've got a single and music video coming out soon, it's called "Lost In Forever," and it's actually the song that plays at the end credits of Justice/Vengeance.

IHD: Have to ask: How did it feel to be called "the next Robert Pattinson" by Vogue UK? AN: VOGUE is a wonderfully artistic publication; whatever they say is exciting.

IHD: And finally, what are you hearting right now? AN: I heart I HEART DAILY. Seriously, just checking out your website, it's great, and what a great name for a publication. Oh yeah and raw food. I dig it. It's crisp.

Photo by Roger Snider