Say "Thank You" In Style

Whew, the holidays are over. Oh wait, there are those presents you got... and those thank you cards that you -- whoops -- forgot to write. It's not too late to get 2012 off to a grateful start (and don't even try texting your grandma: "Thx 4 the sweater"). A hand-written thank you note is the way to go. Here are some delightfully designed thank you cards that will show gift givers your utmost appreciation. Emily Post would be proud.  Dancing Cat Thank You (set of 10 for $34, pictured). Nothing says "thanks" like a silly cat font, and these original illustrations say it in spades.

 Chevron Stripe Thank You (set of 12 for $18). Chevron stripes in primary colors are an automatic pick-me-up; these are sure to brighten anyone's day.

 Letterpress Thank You (set of 10 for $19). I drool over anything letterpress, and these simple yet boldly graphic cards in a variety of colors are amazing.

 Heart Letterpress Thank You (set of 5 for $12). It's a little "thank you," but the added heart makes it extra meaningful.