Shirtify: Your Favorite Band Tees

Isn't it the best when a friend gets you the perfect t-shirt, one that speaks to who you are and what you like? Yeah, we think so too. That's why we're into Shirtify. It's a service that tracks what you're listening to via SpotifyLast.fmPandora, etc. and then delivers t-shirts from the bands you've been playing the most. Shirtify pays the artists directly for their tees, so your favorite bands are benefitting from your streaming free music (guilt relief!).

Sign up for quarterly ($12/month) or monthly t-shirts ($35/month). Shirtify will pay attention to your streaming tastes and you'll soon start rushing to the mailbox to see which tees have arrived. Fair warning: Be careful about how often you listen to that Bieber single on repeat, even if you're doing it ironically.