The Afghan Women's Writing Project

Ready to be blown away? We just discovered The Afghan Women's Writing Project (AAWP), founded in 2009 by Masha Hamilton to empower women in Afghanistan to share their stories and their voices. These women risk their lives to meet online and in hidden "writing huts" to be mentored by American women authors and professors, and AAWP publishes their words for the world to see. They're hiding laptops under burqas, walking through Taliban territory to get to a place to upload their assignments. Can you imagine? Read stories like "True Friends, Part 1," "A Letter to My Parents" and "A Prayer for Grandmother" (get tissues!), and peek into the warm and colorful Afghan culture with scenes like "Come for Dinner at This Big House." While you're there, make a donation to this volunteer-run organization or show some love by leaving comments for these women, who often write alone and need to know that their voices are heard.

In their own words, these women writers have called AAWP their "heart book" (Shogofa), and said, "I took the pen and I wrote and everything changed" (Roya). Talk about something you want to be a part of.

PS-If you're in the New York area, you can watch female comedians present AAWP poetry and prose this Saturday at 7pm or Sunday at 1pm (hosted by SNL alum Rachel Dratch) at Brooklyn's Magic Futurebox.