The Easiest DIY Manicure Ever

Anne is the DIY nail master, but I aspire to learn her tricks. Now I have one of my own! Liquid Palisade ($22) is a peelable product that you can use to create a clean manicure (novice style) or even crazy-fun designs for your nails (expert level). I tried it out this week and the clean manicure was a breeze -- just use the super-thin Palisade brush to paint around the very edge of your nails, creating a buffer zone. Then, let it dry and brush on your favorite polish (my current love is "what."). Last step: peel back the rubbery liquid palisade, which comes off super easily. You're left with perfect edges for your polish, just like the pros deliver.

Next I attempted designs. You brush on an initial color, let it dry, and then use Liquid Palisade to make fun shapes or lines on your nails (I went for a heart on both of my ring fingers, naturally). Let Liquid Palisade dry, then paint over your nail again, covering the original polish and the Liquid Palisade. After that dries, pull off the Liquid Palisade and you're left with your design in the middle of your nail (or all across it, if you went for stripes or patterns).

How cool is this? Very. And easy to use, too. Trust me, I'm a spaz and it still turned out cute.