The Hunger Games Nail Polish

Don't you love it when books inspire beauty products? It doesn't happen that often, and okay, there's usually a movie involved somehow too, but still... these nail colors from China Glaze have solid literary origins. Each of the 12 polishes in the "Colours from the Capital" collection is inspired by one of the 12 districts in The Hunger Games trilogy (Yes, you must read these books. No, it is not optional).

If you've read the books and you're into decoding things, you might try to figure out which color goes with which district -- the names are hints. Let's just say that Katniss is a total "Smoke and Ashes" girl from District 12, but I might be wearing "Agro" in honor of Rue, from District 11.

Look for the polishes in early March. We're sure your calendar is already marked for the movie release -- March 23rd.

May the odds be ever in your favor. (I couldn't resist!)