Website We Love: This Is My Jam

Sometimes you get a song in your head for a while, and you're like, "This is my jam." Right? Now there's a website focused on that idea: That you have music stuck in your brain. This Is My Jam lets you log in via Facebook or Twitter and then pulls in data through HypeMachine or Youtube (or your own uploads) so that you can share your song o' the moment with everyone in your online universe. They'll see the cover art, hear the notes and even watch video performances of your tune. Your friends will be able to enjoy your song for a week, and after that long you'll probably have moved on to a new ditty.

The site is in beta right now, but you can follow them on twitter or like them on facebook and score an invite.

Right now I'm feeling Buddy Holly's "Everyday," a major oldie but oh-so-listenable. You?