Bag It: Melissa's Beauty Essentials

Recently, you heard about what Anne carries around in her bag for our Bag It series. It's funny… if asked, I'd say I'm not a makeup girl, but my purse is oddly full of lip-loving products. So here goes: My bag, exposed!  Fresh Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Balm ($23, pictured). I use this as blush and lip color -- it's smooth and creamy and gives my lips that stained look, like I was just drinking cherry Kool-Aid.

 Maybelline Great Lash Mascara ($7). A red lip and a swipe of mascara is all you need most days. For real, a runway model told me that once. I mean, she was naturally ethereal, but that's why I asked her for a beauty tip, right? This one's still my all-time face.

 Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey ($22). Yes, I realize this is the second lip product I've mentioned. I've always thought of my lips as one of my best features, and a girl just can't have enough options on hand. Black Honey, as we've noted, looks good on everyone.

 Lancome Régenergie Eye Cream ($67). A young-looking boss of mine once told me the secret to her smooth skin. "Eye cream," she whispered. I'm in! But honestly, I'm just carrying around samples of this one -- it's awesome but pricey.

There you have it: My life in products. Email us with your essentials, telling us what beauty stuff you carry and why, and you could be featured as our next Bagger!