Be A Snake Charmer

The other day I was walking around the streets of New York City, when I passed by a group of young men holding their pet snakes. I did a doubletake -- yes, indeed, they were snakes, wrapped around their arms like the latest accessory from the catwalk. Creepy or Cool? I say "Cool," and in honor of these lads, I bring you four snake-inspired pieces of jewelry. Wind Your Way Ring, ModCloth ($16, pictured). Take an outfit from blah to bananas (as Rachel Zoe would say) with this snake ring. (It has an elastic middle so you can bend your finger -- we know that index finger is important!)

 Lyndi's Pave Gold Snake Necklace, Emitations ($17). Having a real snake wrapped around your neck might be taking it a little far, but this gold 3" pendant is quite pretty!

Vintage Snake Pin, Atlantis Dry Goods ($28). Who knew snakes could be festive? This vintage pin is embedded with multi-color rhinestones.

Soviet Vintage Silver Snake Ring, Etsy ($25). This silver ring will go on your finger and stay there, because it's the perfect combination of simple and hip.