Blemish Blaster!

I had bad skin. Zits, blackheads, painful under-the-surface eruptions of terror -- you name the epidermal blemish, and I experienced it (if you think I'm lying, you can ask my mom). So when a couple of my friends incredulously asked me why I had facial cleanser for acne in my bathroom, it was confusing, because they were saying I had good skin... HUH? But then it dawned on me -- my skin isn't so bad anymore. Dare I say, it's relatively... nice? And I think one of the products that has helped improve my skin greatly is this little bottle of Hyaluronic Acid Serum ($15). There are lots of different brands, but this modestly priced bottle is the one I use. Truth be told, I don't know much about the science of this ingredient, but it claims to moisturize, calm and condition skin, while also helping with acne. I can endorse these claims.

The serum feels almost like water, and instantly absorbs into skin without any residue or slime. It's so light and fragrance free that you may feel like you've been duped into buying a bottle of Evian with a eye dropper, but after a week or so, you'll realize that your skin is perfectly moisturized, your tone is improved and, hopefully, those zits are gone.

Hyaluronic Acid is perfect if you have oily skin, but still want to moisturize. My skin looks almost pre-pubescent.