Cool Girl: Hannah Brencher of More Love Letters

Shelley Tibbetts has been helping out as a member of Team I Heart Daily, along with her work as the Digital Engagement Officer for Girls Who Rock (she's a social media maven, all over Twitterand Tumblr). We're happy to present her second guest post, which is about a very cool girl who want to fill the world with more love letters, like the one pictured here:

Have you ever written note of encouragement and left it behind for a stranger to find? Hannah Brencher, 23, did just that in October 2010 while riding a 4 Train in New York City (and has since written over 400 notes)! In September she launched The World Needs More Love Letters, a movement that's way cooler than swapping notes in the hall with your BFF before going to class.

I Heart Daily: What inspires you when you're writing love letters to the world? Hannah Brencher: I used to prefer the bustle of a coffee shop but these days I've gotten quite Victorian with my ways. Crazy as it may seem, I sometimes crawl into the walk-in closet, light a few candles, play some Adele and just go for hours. Because there is limited light, I have to focus much more. I think people deserve that, to have someone else absorbed in their well being.

IHD: I love the idea of people leaving behind love letters for others to find. Where are some of the most creative places they have been found so far? HB: Believe it or not, a lot are found in restrooms. It's a place where you really don't anticipate a bright pink envelope. It was really cool to have someone find a love letter in the card racks at Trader Joe's, and one was taped to a vending machine! We're doing a big Love Letter Your World campaign now, so I think we will have some more cool letter findings soon.

IHD: How can others get involved with More Love Letters? HB: Sign up for the Love Letter Email Alert List to get the monthly requests in your inbox. Check back to see what kind of letter writing we’ve got brewing. You can start "love lettering" wherever you are. Grab stationery, script some notes of love and encouragement, write "" somewhere noticeable on the note or envelope and start dropping. No better place than where you live! Take a photo of your drop and send it to us -- we adore showcasing them on the site.

IHD: What are you hearting right now? HB: Curly Girl Design stationery, my Tough Mudder training, peppermint coffee (Yeah, I am so out of season and loving it), and I won't lie, I am massively HEARTing Tim Tebow these days.

Ready to get started "love lettering"? Hannah wrote us a love letter explaining more about how you can help support More Love Letters this Valentine’s Day:

Roses are red, violets are blue, a letter request is waiting for you… This February, we’re asking More Love Letter supporters to “Bundle Up” with us and adopt a Love Letter Bundle. Let’s be real, you’ve already bought the Valentines for your gal pals and boyfriend, why not spare a card or two to shower some love on a stranger? Now is the time to get in the spirit of love and adopt a bundle today.