Design A Shoe (Win Some Money!)

One day in my senior year of high school, I dropped out of band to take art class instead. That lasted about three days until I had to go back to the pawn shop to retrieve my saxophone, because art class was, like, pretty anemic is its funding. So, if you love art and wish your high school had access to better supplies, you might consider applying to Vans' national shoe customization contest to win money for your art program (hello, non-crusty acrylic paint tubes!). By doodling/embroidering/ stamping/bedazzling a pair of Vans, you could win your school's art program $50,000! (Only teachers can register for the contest, so pester them and tell them to go here.)

In March, Vans will start accepting submissions from entrants. After whittling down the competition to 50, the public will vote on the top five to decide on the Grand Pooba. You can find out everything about registration, design submission and rules on the Facebook page. While you're there, check out the customized Vans that their Ambassadors (Conan O'Brien, Lauren Conrad, designer Peter Som) have created for some inspiration.