Indie Crafter du Jour: Heaven Sent Crafts

I Heart Daily reader Abby K., 17, sent us a link for her mom's etsy shop, where Abby showcases her recycled soda can necklaces. We took a peek and were totally smitten with both Abby's and her mom's designs. Here are a few of our favorite items:

 Vintage Valentine Notebook ($15, pictured). That artsy person you love? They'll be way into this hilarious giraffe, plus the mixed paper inside gives this notebook a recycled chic feel. (There are dozens of these wacky Valentine finds, hint, hint.)

 Pepsi Heart Necklace ($5). Perfect for a bold, metallic Valentine. Or prep early for St. Patrick's Day with the Mountain Dew clover.

 10 Vintage Go Fish Card Mini Notebooks ($25 for 10). Shark, walrus, seahorse and more! These mini notebooks are the cutest paper supplies under the sea.

Also check out the notebooks made from Vintage Sewing PatternsPokemon Cards and Vintage Novels. Super cool stuff.