Neon Colorblock Gems!

Two cool things: neon and gems. One super cool thing: neon gems! So, imagine my delight when I stumbled upon ColorblockShop, an Etsy store that sells neon rhinestone jewelry along with other shapely geometric designs. Trendy? Yes. But when it's affordable, why not? Here are our choice picks from the bunch:

Neon Painted Earrings ($22, pictured). LOVE that black with the neon. Reminds me of something grandma might wear if she were feeling punk.

Neon Cat Eye Necklace ($26). One big cat eye neon gem is the perfect accoutrement to a plain black shirt. It says, "Yeah, I'm bright and obvious." Pick your poison in neon pink, yellow or orange.

Colorblock Geometric Necklace ($48). Each edge of these wooden, multi-sided beads is a lovely color which creates a folded-up rainbow look. IT'S SO PRETTY! Seriously, go look at it.