Reader Bag It: What Nicole, 16, Always Carries With Her

You've heard what Anne and Melissa carry around in their bags, and now it's time for readers to share their beauty secrets. Nicole, 16, from Chicago, IL opens up her bag for us today: J.R. Watkins Mango Lotion ($4, pictured). "I love this lotion! The scent is my fave. I have trouble finding this in a mini lotion container, so I buy a regular sized and put some lotion into a mini lotion container for my purse."

Burt's Bee's Lip Balm ($3). "Now I completely love this lip balm and have to have it with me at all times. Especially in the winter. Clears my lips right up. And you can get it really cheap."

Cream Blush by Meisha ($7.95). "I'm addicted to this cream blush! The only thing is that it comes on a piece of cardboard. You have to buy the container separately. But I did and it's worth it."

Want to open up your bag for us? Do it! Email us with your favorite product picks.