Read It: Quaranteen by Lex Thomas

Kayla, 17, is a guest book reviewer for I Heart Daily and Figment! She’s been writing reviews at her blog, Caught Between the Pages, for a few years, and reading for quite a while longer (read her review of C.K. Kelly Martin's My Beating Teenage Heart). She also enjoys thunderstorms, tennis, and being able to make someone laugh. Here is one of her latest recommended reads: "Many teens feel like they won’t live through high school. In Quaranteen by Lex Thomas, if you don’t graduate, you won’t survive. Literally.

"This science fiction novel tracks the events at a once regular high school after it is infected with a disease fatal to all adults and dormant in those going through puberty. The school is entirely closed off from the world, and the bedlam that ensues doesn’t seem a far stretch from what might actually happen, if this ever happened at your high school.

"Most people like to think that, if they were in a situation like this, things would be orderly and perfect. Think again. There’s no one there to regulate who gets basic things like medical supplies and food. Water. No adults to calm the chaos. What makes Quaranteen most chilling is its realism. Friends band together, rivalries are formed, and the battle to survive begins. There are intense fight scenes, homicidal bullies, and a mysterious government force working to get those who are ‘graduating’-out of puberty, and no longer immune to the disease-out of the building. Conspiracy, anyone? But there are also more tender moments. David and Will, the two main characters, have a relationship that most siblings can relate to. And they also get caught in a love triangle that just might rip them apart. There’s a little bit of everything in here.

"Quaranteen is a must read for those interested in apocalyptic type books filled with a gripping plot and fantastic characters. If you’re not afraid of it keeping you up at night."

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