Spring Trend: Woven Bags

Stupid winter's almost done/ Doo-da, doo-da/ Now it's time to have some fun/Oh, de doo-da day. I hope you enjoyed my ad-lib to Stephen Foster's "Camptown Races," because I'm getting excited about winter being over. So long, Mr. Scarf; See ya, Ms. Mittens; Goodbye, Uncle Ear Muff. But, before we get ahead of ourselves and jump into tight-less outfits and open-toed shoes, pretty, bright accessories are a good entry way into a spring wardrobe. Here are three bags that take care of two spring trends in one: woven accessories and super bright hues.

Vibrant Woven Clutch, Forever 21 ($18, pictured). Coral is one of the most coveted colors of the season, so grab onto this clutch and hold it tight so your best friend or little sister doesn't get their grubby (but loving) hands on it.

Nautical Stripe Woven Bag, Urban Outfitters ($42). This basket-like bag comes with a removable chain for some clutch or shoulder action. I like an accessory that can think on its feet.

Blue Flap Crossbody Handbag, Target ($15). I love that at Target your shopping list can say: "Toilet bowl cleaner, overnight menstrual pads, super cute purse."