Trend We Heart: Headwraps!

Tired of dinky, hard plastic headbands that give you a headache? Put away that aspirin, because this spring, it's all about thick, slung down over the forehead, comfy headwraps. I am totally coveting this beautiful Eugenia Kim piece, but at $110, I can't justify the cost. So, I found these three more-than-acceptable copy cats for a fraction of the price. Now, go do something spring-like like frolic through a field of dandelions.

Hairdo the Twist Headband, Mod Cloth ($16, pictured). This hair accessory says: "Why bother with a ponytail, when this is so much cuter?"

Scribbled Flower Headwrap, Forever 21 ($3.80). Cheaper than a Taco Bell extra value meal, and you won't have the indigestion to deal with after. Miracles happen.

Knot Bow Headwrap, Urban Outfitters ($16). Dress up an otherwise plain outfit with this multi-colored wrap that features a big bow. It's very Minnie.