Wear Your Hunger Games Pride

THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE OPENS IN THEATERS TODAY. OMG. EVERYONE FREAK OUT! AHHHH!!!!!! Ok. Whew. I know we're all excited and we just can't hide it, but let's take a breath and calm down to look at these Hunger Games-themed accessories on Etsy. Cinna would approve.

Bow and Arrow Survival Bracelet, pier7craft ($6.50). Unlike Katniss, we can't walk around with a real bow and arrow, because we might get arrested. However, wearing these cute charms won't cost you jail time and will also make you look cute.

♥ Hunger Games Friendship Bracelet, misskeo ($20). These handmade bracelets come with the phrases, "Ever in your favor" and "May the odds be" woven into them. A worthy way to show your fandom.

 Glass Orb Reaping Bowl, Jetaime Boutique ($26). Wear the names of our beloved District 12 friends around your neck.

 Team Peeta Shirt, LHop Designs ($22). Support this swoon-worthy dough-boy.

 Hunger Games Tinted Lip Balm, themefragrance ($19.50). Get a trio of lip balm dedicated to your favorite character: Cinna's Delite, Catching Fire Red (for Katniss) and Primrose Violet.

Like the friendship bracelet says, "May the odds be ever in your favor."