Cute Cuddle Sacks for Guinea Pigs!

You know that we love it when readers write to us about things they heart (do it!). Recently, we heard from Elizabeth, 16, in Texas, who introduced us to Cuddle Sacks. As she explained it "They are for guinea pigs." We were intrigued. Here's Elizabeth expounding on what she hearts: "A cuddle sack looks a bit like a sleeping bag. They are for guinea pigs. A guinea pig can go in it to sleep, chill or whatever. Or you can put your guinea pig in it and carry your guinea pig around. I bought one and my guinea pig loved it!

"Go on Facebook and search for Leanne's Cuddle Sacks. She sells them on ebay and her page has all the info about that. She of course would also be willing to take orders through Facebook. Even just a like on her page would help. Because the more likes the more people that hear about it.

"My point is I love these cuddle sacks."

Elizabeth, we're sold. Guinea pig owners and cuteness lovers all over, what are you waiting for?!