End Malaria: $10 Saves a Life

Last winter, we profiled Cool Girl: Alexandra Taylor, who designs lovely scarves that raise money for Nothing But Nets, an organization dedicated to stopping the spread of malaria by delivering insecticide-treated bed nets to more than one million refugees in 15 countries in Africa.

We're reminded of her (and those pretty philanthropic scarves) again today, on World Malaria Day. There are so many gigantic problems without solutions in this world, but this one? Malaria? We can protect people from it!

Here's the deal: Just $10 buys a net that will protect a mother and child from the mosquitoes that spread malaria. Think about what $10 means in most of our everyday lives -- a couple of coffee drinks, maybe a paperback book, a pair of fun earrings. Now, think about that same amount of money saving a life today. Or gather five friends and each give $2 -- that works too!

You can also support World Malaria Day by taking a moment to tweet, post, share or blog about Minute to #ENDMALARIA. Use this sample post (or craft your own) for twitter and Facebook, and feel good about the light you're shining on the issue:

 This World Malaria Day, let’s keep a child from dying of malaria every 60 secs. Take a Minute to #endmalaria http://bit.ly/HKvqjt