Get Spider-Man Nails!

spiderman opi

I'm not convinced that we need a new Spider-Man movie, but I'm willing to go with it because I really like both Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Also, I like the amazing things that come with a big, blockbuster, 3D movie like this (out July 3rd). Namely: Nail Polish.

OPI issues a Spider-Man collection tomorrow, and we can't help but fall for the six new colors plus one shatter shade (Shatter the Scales, a dark green with shimmer). Vampy Varnish has a super-informative roundup where she tries on each color, so head there if you want to pick your poison ($8.50 each).

Or just try this Mini 4-Pack ($13), which includes 1/8 ounce bottles of Into the Night (a dark blue), Number One Nemesis (a gray-green metallic), Just Spotted the Lizard (a gold-green glitter) and Your Web or Mine? (a glimmery bright pink). By the way, the colors shown here, with the lovely Ms. Stone, are Shatter the Scales and Call Me Gwen-Ever (coral).

We just love cinematic nails (remember The Hunger Games collection?).