Pretty Pastel Bangles From $5

pastel bangles

Spring always calls for working pastels into your look, but I tend to shy away from full-on candy-colored outfits. The solution: pastel bangles! Their chunkier-than-a-bracelet shape means they demand attention. Here are four pretty picks:  Pretty Pastel Bangles, jessiretro ($8 for 6, pictured). Rainbow arm time! This set includes ivory, yellow, pink, lavender, mint green and sky blue.

 Stripled Bangle Bracelet, Urban Outfitters ($5, sale). The stripes are mint and lavender -- which is, unrelatedly, how I like my bathroom to smell.

 Lucite Bangles, Bonanza ($17.50 for 3). I'd call these colors "tropical pastel" and they will make the best clinky sounds when you move your arm.

 Polka Dot Bangles, Forever 21 ($6.80 for 2). Pick these up in dusty blue for their thick shape, polka dots and high-gloss shine.